Basilica of Saint Ippolito

This Basilica is situated between via Redipuglia and via Col Moschin and it is has been built between the end of IV century and the beginning of V century in honor of Ippolito, a martyr.

The building looks like a primitive construction and it is divided into three naves, each of two lines of columns which we can see the bases of. The façade is open and it has three entrances. In the apse, whose basin was covered with mosaics, you can see the stairs of the bishop’s throne; in the main nave, there are structures called “schola cantorum” (it was the place for the singers) and in the nave situated on the west, there is a small font.

In the small Antiquarium, there are marble remains referred to the cult of the martyr (such as inscriptions, sarcophagus) and the marble furniture of the basilica (ciborium, barriers, etc.).

[:it]Oasi di Porto Fiumicino[:en]Oasis of Porto[:es]Oasis of Porto[:fr]Oasis of Porto[:de]Oasis of Porto[:ru]Oasis of Porto[:]
[:it]Necropoli di Isola Sacra[:en]Necropolis of Isola Sacra[:]