Oasis of Porto


The Oasis of Porto offers a suggestive natural framework; it is possible to see the tracks of history on the right side of river Tiber in the nearby of the mouth.

The Oasis is situated around the lake of Traiano. The dock is a perfect hexagon, 33 hectares wide. It represents a work of an exceptional historic value and the main point of rest for aquatic migratory birds while they fly from the Mediterranean regions to the north of Europe where they make their nest and viceversa. This Oasis has both a cultural and naturalistic value. The ancient dock, built by the emperor Traiano (110/112 A.C.), is the main characteristic of the Oasis of Porto and it was built in substitution of the pre existing Port of Claudio which was open on the sea and it is not more in use because of its shelving. 
It’s an important work, especially for the supplies of the Imperial Rome and it has all the port structures such as warehouses, dock and civil and religious buildings.

After the fall of the Roman Empire and the barbaric invasions, in the Middle Age, this area was invaded by water that originated big malarial marshes. Popes Pio II and Sisto IV took part in this problem but they didn’t reclaim the area; also some roman rich families tried to solve this problem without a good result (Panfilo di Pietro, Pallavicino).
 After Prince Alessandro Torlonia (1856) bought this area, the reclaim and the colonization were made by his successor Prince Giovanni Torlonia who protected the ancient archeological remains (cfr. G.Lugli – G.Filibeck. the port of Imperial Roma and the Agro Portuense, 1935).

The tours are organized on carriages pulled by horses all round the lake, 33 hectares wide and which was the ancient port of the Emperor Traiano.

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